Tuesday, October 2, 2012

Matei Serban - "New Works on Wood" on Market Demand

The highly anticipated show of Matei Serban (starting October 18th at ArtXpert in Bucharest) turns to be a commercial success. Most of his new works on wood are pre-sold or reserved by private international collectors. Few Romanian one are showing an appetite for the artist, usually the ones that have collected him over the decades. Scouters are looking into the new images that the artist recently painted in order to make the right acquisition. Recently his prices have increased in the last year since word spread out that the artist health is not at best . Small works ( 15 x 21 cm) recently sold for 50 %  increase since last show. The over publicized “Francesca” was acquired by a Belgian collector but will still be in the show. "It is expected that by the time of the show all his artwork will be sold, including old pieces from the gallery inventory" - an official of the gallery stated.